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Experience Pure Elegance with Our Handcrafted 'Mulberry Magic' Candle


Elevate your senses and transform any moment into a captivating journey with our 'Mulberry Magic' candle. Meticulously hand-poured, this exquisite masterpiece is an embodiment of luxury and sophistication. Crafted using a harmonious blend of coconut and soy waxes, our candle promises a clean and sustainable indulgence, all while immersing your space in enchanting fragrances that weave stories and evoke cherished memories.


  Fragrance: Mulberry Magic Prepare to be enchanted by the enchanting aroma of 'Mulberry Magic.' Carefully curated, it harmoniously blends notes of succulent mulberries, rich blackberries, and hints of vanilla. This fragrance transports you to a world of opulence, where each whiff is a whispered tale of elegance and charm. Let the lingering fragrance leave an enduring mark of luxury and allure.


  Quality and Craftsmanship Our 'Mulberry Magic' candle is a testament to artisanal excellence. The fusion of coconut and soy wax ensures not only a clean, even burn but also a responsible choice for our planet. The natural cotton wick, meticulously selected, promises a consistent and steady flame, enhancing your overall candle experience.


  Long-Lasting Luxury With an impressive burn time of up to 50 hours, 'Mulberry Magic' is designed to accompany you through countless moments of tranquility and indulgence. Its radiant glow and captivating scent will set the perfect mood, illuminating your evenings with an aura of opulent sophistication.


  Perfect for Any Setting Whether you're savoring a peaceful evening at home, planning a romantic dinner date, or enjoying a relaxing bath, our 'Mulberry Magic' candle creates an ambiance of timeless elegance. It's not just a candle; it's an experience, a journey through the world of luxury and enchantment, captured in a radiant flame.

Indulge in the allure of 'Mulberry Magic' and let its enchanting fragrance and warm glow transport you to a realm of opulence. It's more than a candle; it's a story of refined sophistication, ready to unfold with every burn.


Unveil the magic of 'Mulberry Magic' and add a touch of luxury to your life today


  • Celebrate Elegance with 'Mulberry Magic' Candle Jar

    Welcome to a world of refined sophistication with our 'Mulberry Magic' candle jar. Crafted to infuse your space with an enchanting blend of fragrances, this candle transcends mere décor; it's an invitation to experience the essence of timeless charm.

    Size and Material

    • Dimensions: Perfectly sized at 6oz for a lasting and captivating presence.
    • Material: Crafted from premium glass in a warm amber hue, adorned with an elegantly dark label that speaks of timeless beauty.

    Care and Maintenance

    To ensure your 'Mulberry Magic' candle remains a cherished part of your space:

    • Cleaning: A gentle wipe with a soft cloth preserves its luminous allure, allowing it to shine brightly.
    • Handling: Treat it with the care it deserves to maintain its timeless elegance and meticulous craftsmanship.

    Scent - 'Mulberry Magic'

    Our 'Mulberry Magic' scent is an enchanting blend that captures the very essence of romance and allure:

    • Top Notes: A delicate symphony of citrus and floral hints, evoking the freshness of a spring morning.
    • Heart Notes: A blossoming bouquet of rich florals at its core, creating a sense of deep and enduring love.
    • Base Notes: A warm, subtle embrace of sweet vanilla and earthy musk, enveloping your space in comfort and warmth.

    Burn Time

    Savor the magic with an impressive 50-60 hours of burn time, ensuring countless evenings of tranquil ambiance and captivating fragrance.

    Special Features

    • Eco-Friendly: Our commitment to the environment is echoed in the eco-conscious materials used in creating this candle.
    • Even Burning: Expertly designed for a clean, consistent burn, enhancing your overall candle experience.

    Benefits for Customers

    • Sensory Escape: 'Mulberry Magic' is more than a fragrance; it's an immersive journey that captivates and soothes, perfect for creating cherished memories.
    • Ambiance Enhancer: Whether for romantic evenings, moments of relaxation, or to infuse daily life with luxury, this candle elevates every space it graces.
    • Decorative Delight: Beyond its enchanting scent, this candle is an elegant décor piece, adding sophistication to any room.
    • Gift of Luxury: An exceptional choice for a thoughtful and opulent gift, suitable for various occasions.

    Unveil the enchantment of 'Mulberry Magic' and let this candle be a testament to your discerning taste and appreciation for life's finer pleasures. Elevate your surroundings, indulge your senses, and share the gift of elegance with our 'Mulberry Magic' candle jar."

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