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About Us

Our Story

    In the heart of Sweet Water, where the air carries the gentle whispers of the lake, Cheryl's Sweet Water Candles began - not as a business, but as a labor of love. From a young age, I was enveloped in the comforting embrace of my mother Cheryl's handmade candles. Each flicker of the flame and soothing scent was a testament to her nurturing spirit, transforming our home into a sanctuary of warmth and love.


    Cheryl's candles were more than just a source of light; they were a reflection of her dedication to crafting moments of joy and serenity for our family. Her unique blends and captivating aromas set a standard that left me forever discerning, always longing for the heartfelt essence of her creations.


    Motivated by cherished memories and the desire to share this warmth with others, I persuaded Cheryl to embark on a journey to bring her exceptional candles to the world. With excitement and dreams afire, Cheryl's Sweet Water Candles was born, aspiring to illuminate lives beyond our home.


    However, life had an unforeseen twist in store. Just as we began this new chapter, Cheryl faced a daunting challenge - a diagnosis of breast cancer. This news could have dimmed our spirits, but instead, it fueled our mission with an even deeper purpose.

Our Mission

    Every candle from Cheryl's Sweet Water Candles is more than just a product; it's a piece of our heart, a fragment of our journey, and a symbol of resilience and hope. Handcrafted with the same love and nurturing care that has always defined Cheryl's creations, each candle carries the essence of her strength and enduring spirit.


    By choosing our candles, you're not just bringing a piece of Sweet Water's tranquility into your home; you're supporting Cheryl's courageous fight against breast cancer. Our commitment extends beyond crafting exquisite candles; it's about kindling a community of support, love, and solidarity.

Join Our Journey


    We invite you to be a part of our story - a story of love, resilience, and the enduring light that guides us through life's darkest moments. With every candle lit, we share a piece of Cheryl's indomitable spirit, illuminating the path of hope and healing.

Welcome to Cheryl's Sweet Water Candles - where every candle is a beacon of love, crafted by the hands of a mother, a fighter, a survivor.

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