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Creamy Orange 
Sicle Candle

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Creamy Orange Sicle 

Ignite the Creamy Orange Sicle candle and be whisked away to those sunlit afternoons of youth, where the melody of an approaching ice cream truck promised the simple joys of summer. With each flicker of its flame, this candle revives the cherished memory of holding that first bite of a Creamy Orange Sicle - a harmonious blend of zesty orange and sweet cream that dances on your taste buds, reminiscent of carefree days bathed in golden sunshine. Its scent is a nostalgic embrace, enveloping you in the warmth and comfort of an old friend's hug, rekindling the pure, unadulterated happiness of simpler times. Light this candle and let the cozy glow and soothing aroma gently wrap around you, offering the tender hug of an old friend, reawakening those treasured moments with every breath.

Zesty orange meets creamy vanilla in this deliciously scented candle.

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